Harvesting Options

Sod Pallets
Pallets contain 50 sq yards or 450 sq feet. Each pallet holds approximately 175 pieces of sod and weighs over one ton. We pride ourselves on harvesting ample soil along with the sod to ease transition once the grass is planted. After the ground is prepared, a single man can usually lay one pallet in about one hour.

Craft Turf Farms can provide rolled sod in two different sizes.

Magnum Rolls

Since 1992 Craft Turf Farms have offered the Magnum 42" Big Roll as an alternative method for installation for large landscaped and commercial jobs, golf course projects as well as athletic field renovations.

Magnum rolls are in 42” wide by 77 ft. long sections, 30 square yards. Magnum rolls have are a great way to landscape large areas in a minimal amount of time. Rolls are cut fresh daily and can be picked up or delivered.

With the Magnum 42" Big Roll you are able to install a greater quantity of turf with less people which in essence can save you money. Also because of the width and length of the Magnum Roll there are less seams. Once the job is complete it looks like it has been there for years.

The Magnum 42" Big Roll is another reason to let Craft Turf Farms be your sod supplier.

The Trebro AutoStack

Craft Turf Farms is proud to offer its clients another harvesting option – 1 square yard rolls or mini-rolls harvested by the Trebro AutoStack. The mini-rolls have quickly become a favorite with our landscaping clients due to the ease and speed of grass installation. East Trebro Mini-Rolls are approximately 24” x 60” or 1 square yard and are shipped with 50 rolls on each pallet.

The Trebro AutoStack produces pallets containing approximately 50 rolls of sod; each roll is 24” x 60” or 10 square feet. A pallet holds a total of 55 square yards or 495 square feet and the mini-rolls are becoming very popular due to their ease of installation. Grass harvested with the Trebro AutoStack is only cut to order and can be picked up at the farm or delivered to your job site.

Installation with the mini-rolls is quick and easy, especially in yards and around landscape beds. Call our office today and ask about having your grass harvested in the Trebro Mini-Rolls.

Call our office today to schedule your order of quality turf grass from Craft Turf Farms.

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